Carpet 101

The Seven Most Commonly Asked Questions

101Q. What is the best carpet I can buy?
A. I tell my customers that it all depends on your wants and needs. Softness, price, stain resistance, every carpet has its quality, but the thing that helps the most is to click on our link Ratings which will explain it all.

Q. How would one know if they are getting a good deal on carpet or flooring?
A. You wouldn’t. There is no carpet blue book. There is no consumer advocate flooring magazines that I am aware of.

Until now, all carpet buying consumers could hope to do is shop around from one store to another and hopefully find similar or identical products to compare prices. I can assure you this is not the most pleasant process. As a rule of thumb, the more you pay for a carpet, the longer it will wear. Make your buying decision based on your faith in your carpet dealer, not a sales gimmick.

Q. Can I install inexpensive carpet over expensive pad?
A. There is no question that good cushion is critical to performance, but remember, you walk directly on the carpet so you want carpet construction to meet your needs and lifestyle. If you buy an inexpensive carpet, that doesn’t meet your needs, you have a cushion that feels great, but you may not be satisfied with the look or wear of your carpet.

Q. What about putting new pad over my old pad to make it softer?
A. The reason this is not advised is because it allows too much give in the carpet, breaking down the backing, and causing the carpet to wear sooner than needed. From a home-owner point of view, you want to avoid this. The reason we change carpet and padding is to get rid of all the old dirt, and odor. The pad is a sponge so it traps and holds everything in it and underneath it.

Q. What kind of warranty do I look for in carpet?
A. The best thing you can do for your carpet is vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Warranty’s are good for marketing, but what good is it if you don’t take care of your carpet? Inexpensive carpet can last a long time if you take care of it.

Q. Why do installers like it so hot inside?
A. It is recommended by the factory that all carpet should be at least 68 degrees for at least 24 hours. Heat helps the carpet relax and results in a better installation.

Q. Why do wrinkles occur in carpet?
A. It can be a few reasons, the carpet was cold when installed, or the installer didn’t stretch properly, or didn’t use a Power Stretcher. Another reason is the carpet could be getting old.