Carpet Binding

bindingMr. Karpet provides a full range of services in our binding department. Binding is a narrow cotton or synthetic based material that is sewn to the edge of a piece of carpet to give it a finished look and prevent raveling. Surging on the other hand is a whipped-stitched yarn-over look, used frequently on Oriental Rugs. Some heavier carpets such as Berber and Loop Pile, may have to be surged because they are too heavy to feed through the binder.

Carpet Binding is used to create area rugs that can be utilized in a variety of ways around the house; under the table, in front of the fireplace, or wherever an area rug can be used to add a bit of decorative color to a room. Carpet Binding is great for those pieces of carpet that have been left over from installation. Use these pieces as rugs in doorway entrances to help reduce wear and tear on your newly installed carpet.

The following are just a few of the services we can provide with from our binding department:

Cove Base
Sport Rugs
Car Mats
Throw Rugs
Round/Oval Rugs
Oriental Rugs
Custom Rug Fixing
Carpet Repair

Please give us a call and lets us determine the best price for your project.