LaminateThere are three different kinds of wood floors; Real Hard Wood floors, Engineered Wood, Laminate floors. Real Hard Wood floors and Engineered Wood will always add value to your house; however the cost is much higher than that of a Laminate. Laminate on the other hand can look equally as good as the other types of wood flooring but for a fraction of the cost.

Regular Laminate: A nice finish and very easy to clean
Hand Scraped Laminate: Has a look of imperfection giving it that “real” look
Floor Muffler: Helps keep things quite

Please call us or visit us at our showroom for pricing on our wood products. Please note we do not do the installation when it comes to our wood products. We do have names of a few good wood installers and the average price for installation is around $2.00 per square foot.

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