Rug Repair: Why find a quality company

Needing rug repair is a fact of life for any floor coverings that receive constant wear and use. Persian or Oriental wool rugs are often family heirlooms or significant investments. For this reason, some people choose to have their pieces completely restored. Others, though, just want to offset the damage caused by excessive wear and ensure that the piece will last. Over time, small holes, tears or rot will cause the flooring piece to sustain more and more damage. If this is not addressed quickly, it may have to be replaced, which can easily cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Before deciding on rug repair, the owner should make sure it is cost effective. If the rug is a precious item or extremely old and valuable, it makes sense to fix it instead of disposing of it. However, if the piece is more functional than precious, then get an estimate before making a final decision. After getting an estimate, it should be clear if replacement or fixing is less expensive. In most cases, fixing it will be the better option, because replacing a rare Persian or Oriental rug can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

There are several companies that can help out with rug repair, but a company that specializes in these types of repairs is usually the best choice. These services may be able to fix the piece at the client’s home if the damage is minimal. However, if the damage is extensive, they will likely need to bring it to their facility to do the repairs. Tears, holes, moth damage, insect infestation, water damage and missing or fraying fringe can all be fixed by a professional. Discoloration caused by mold, however, is often times permanent. No matter the source of the deterioration, the sooner it is caught, the easier it will be to restore the piece to its former glory.

Professionals  use various methods to perform rug repair. If the  rug is simply dirty or faded, they will have a method of removing sediment and killing any microbes. Unlike cotton, wool fibers typically retain their color even after being exposed to certain chemicals, so there is little risk of decolorizing. If there is a small tear or hole, possibly caused by moths, it can normally be fixed with a small patch. When a professional uses a patch to plug up a small hole, they first find appropriate scrap material from another piece. The patch should closely emulate the pattern on the  rug that needs to be fixed. The professional will glue a base material underneath the patch and attach it to the underside of the rug. Once it is secured in place, the company will use special markers to help the patch blend in with its surroundings.

In addition to rug repair, some companies can also perform full restoration. During restoration, a skilled weaver surveys the damage, selects same colored material and reweaves the pile using the same knot pattern as the original. Restoration is significantly more expensive than simple fixes because this is a specialty and requires a person with a high degree of skill and experience. However, if an owner wants to preserve the full value of the piece, restoration will be necessary.

Any type of rug can be fixed by a skilled professional and protected from future damage. Once repaired, the piece will be able to provide years of comfort, warmth and beauty once again.

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