TileCeramic and Porcelain Tile are an excellent medium to explore both for functionality and design. The advantage to ceramic and porcelain tile is that it’s dense and strong, easy to clean, long lasting, does not absorb odor or water, and doesn’t carry allergens. In addition, ceramic and porcelain tile is man made, which means there is a lot more flexibility in the tile design. Tile is a great choice for your bathroom and/or kitchen, and is also very popular in other parts of the house as either floor tile or decorative wall tile. Tile comes in an overwhelming array of colors and arrangements so come see us and let us show you some samples and help you to find the perfect tile for your needs.

Please Call Mr. Karpet Today, (435) 467-9747 us or visit us at our showroom for pricing on our tile products. Please note we do not do the installation when it comes to our tile products. We do have names of a few good tile installers. The average price for installation on tile can vary quite a bit. Your installer will have to give you a quote.